Selling online is no longer a choice. You have to sell your products online for you to become a success in this era. With on-going digital trend, e-commerce is becoming the main way to profitability. Also, customers are deserting the brick and mortar stores for online shops. Hence, setting a physical store can be an olden loss-making idea. However, e-commerce is now on another age. Selling on a single channel cannot enable you to achieve your business goals. Multichannel e-commerce is now the new idea of becoming a super seller.

But this is not all, for your multichannel selling business to be successful, you must have the right e-commerce platform. Your platform must be channel friendly such that it can integrate with other selling points. While a number of multichannel e-commerce platforms and software exist, Shopify beats them all. Here are three essential, multichannel features that make Shopify to standout:

A universal POS for managing all your selling channel on a single point

Managing your sales is a mindboggling issue. When selling through many channels, you need to have information about the sales level and inventories. Also, you must have a good way of managing each customer’s order. You need to have a good way of tracking each order. By this, you need information where a customer placed the order from and fulfill it through the same channel.

For this to happen, you must have a universal sales and inventory management point. Shopify is at the forefront of enabling webpreneurs to implement multichannel e-commerce. This platform offers a universal backend POS. The point of sale enables you to unify your selling channels and manage them under one point. This way, you avoid cases of inconsistency and improve your business efficiency.

Seamless apps to help you sell on different channels

Nothing can be heartbreaking than trying to connect your business with other selling channels and facing difficulties. Shopify helps you in reaching out to your desired audience regardless of their preferred platform. It seamlessly integrates with selling channels such as social media, mobile apps, and online marketplaces. As such, you do not have to drain your sweat trying to realize your dream.

Multiple mobile payment gateways

Shopify is aware of where e-commerce is heading. The developers understand the importance of mobile commerce. For this reason, it offers your customers multiple mobile-based payment gateways. Your customers can pay you using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or Shopify Pay. All these make it an excellent multichannel e-commerce platform.